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 Our Role

Through an ambitious vision and well-established values, the company seeks to be a leading service institution in the water and wastewater sectors and applies best international practices to contribute to achieving the sustainable development of the Sultanate by developing the system and facilities of the water and wastewater sectors and finding the best innovative solutions to provide a sustainable, safe and reliable service to subscribers, and work to reduce Causes of pollution resulting from traditional sanitation systems, prevention of the spread of diseases and epidemics, as well as protection of groundwater sources from depletion or pollution.

We are proud to  utilize our great experiences in the various activities and operations of the water sector to support and enable the future vision "Oman 2040".

This company is considered member of Nama Group companies that was established as a result of the restructuring of the electricity and related water services sector in 2004 . The group's operations in the sector were launched on May 1, 2005. The group provides generation, transmission, distribution, supply and purchase services for electricity and related water services in the Sultanate.

The electricity sector consists of three main institutions, namely the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, the Public Services Regulatory Authority and the Nama Group. The ministry's tasks lie in general supervision of the electricity sector policy, while the authority is the body responsible for regulating the sector. As for the Nama Group companies, they carry out operations under the umbrella of the company that owns them, namely Nama Holding, which is owned by the Oman Investment Authority.