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At Oman Water & Wastewater Services Company, we have centered our core ideology on sustainability. Founded on the principles of bettering the lives of all communities around us, we believe that we can make a positive change by practicing sustainable living right from our employees to our customers. 

Building upon these principles, the aim of our CSR strategy is to engage our staff and stakeholders toward a self-sufficient future. Even a small change can make a big difference in our lives, therefore, we have aligned all our work methodologies and environment to create a lasting impact not only on our employees but also on the planet.

With a st​rong inclination towards contributing to betterment of the surrounding communities and enhancing socio-cultural development, OWWC has participated in several initiatives in a number of sectors such as education, healthcare, environment and sports, providing opportunities even for employees to contribute to these efforts through volunteering. Other initiatives also include hosting youth visits from various universities, colleges, schools and institutes across the Sultanate to raise awareness about OWWC eco-friendly vision and ways for everyone to contribute to a greener Oman.​