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Graduate Program 

The program vision:

Operationalize the concept of (talent management) effective in terms of attracting talent, which contributes to achieving the vision of the umbrella body in the development of human resources.
Attract talent from new graduates and strengthen the identity of the body with the academic community in the Sultanate to be the first destination with recruiting outstanding graduates.
Integrate these talents selected in institutional work for the benefit desired fast and systematic manner.
Structured way to have a skilled human resources and diverse and reliable always. 

About the program:

Graduate program is attracting a strategy aimed at attracting talented graduates to work in the company, and from this perspective will gain graduates practical experience faster continuous development in areas related to the field of their work through general and specialized development programs as well as individual and collective reports. The program designed to include a number of graduates in various fields such as engineering, management, finance, communication and business management. The program takes two full years to cover the graduate development requirements and take the experience learned through his work in various departments of the company and oversees the program a group of individuals (eg prompt, coach, Musharraf's first career development, and the jury). To assess the progress of graduates in various stages of development, the program contains a workshop every 6 months, as the supervisor of the Program Committee to assess the progress of graduates in the development process, as the focus of the graduates to do a number of individual projects collectively and one during the program period.

Requirements to join the program:

  • The applicant must be of Omani nationality.
  • To be a recent graduate and graduation rate of at least (3).
  • Fluency in spoken and written English.
  • Disciplines required :( remember as laid down) the annual plan.
  • To pass the exam and interview.

* The company receives applications from qualified graduates for the Graduate Program, only when the Authority announces them considering its requirements.

Development plan:

Business Department Duration

  1. Human Resource (6 Month)
  2. policy and strategy (3 Month)
  3. Customer Services (3 Month)
  4. Finances (6 Month)
  5. Communication (6 Month)

Engineering Department Duration

  1. Operation (6 Month)
  2. Projects (6 Month)
  3. Planning and Asset (6 Month)
  4. Customer Services (3 Month)
  5. Policy and Strategy (3 Month)


The graduates during the program period by several individual projects and share work together in a group project, and the jury consisting of the chairman and his deputy and all the mentors and supervisors evaluate these projects every half a year.