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Kala Compost


Oman Water & Wastewater Services Company has develo​ped its pioneering Kala Compost Plant, that is located at Al Multaqa in Amerat, with a view to protecting the environment from pollution and contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions through the efficient re-use of sewage sludge and green waste, enabling their conversion to a compost product that can be used for agriculture, landscaping as well as for individual gardens.

As a result, today 100 % of the green waste and sewage bio solids generated by the company’s water reuse treatment project is now treated and converted into compost, instead of being dumped into a landfill site as had been the practice in the past.

OWWSC launched its natural compost factory "Kala" in 2010 as a continuation to its important environment-friendly productions which is being increasingly popular with farmers. The product has also won the prestigious OER “Green Footprint Award in 2011. 
​Best Fertilization Seasons & Benefits of Kala Compost