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Trated Water


Oman Water & Wastewater Services Company  Reuse Project aims at providing treated wastewater to be used in irrigation, planting,& construction purposes. This in turn will reduce the consumption of fresh water in such activities. The treatment process is designed as per the world-class standards and the best practices in this field, using the most advanced technologies. The wastewater treatment plants are designed to treat sewage in three phases, which allows us to use the treated wastewater in irrigation, increasing agricultural productivity, plantation, & construction purposes. ​

All Company Treatment Plants use the Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology, one of the most modern technologies used in the world to generate quality treated water free of any pollutants.

The Water Treatment Plants now produce about 238 thousand cubic meter ​of Treated Water per day. This in turn will contribute to increasing the greenery in Muscat and Regional Governorates Wilayats.

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