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Central Laboratory​​​



The existing laboratories in the environmental, industrial and production organizations as well as in the scientific, research, educational and service establishments play an important role in controlling the quality of the organization’s work and products. In this sense, Oman Water & Wastewater Services Company has established a specialized laboratory to control the quality of treated wastewater and to follow-up the work in the STPs and the associated networks prior to distribution, and also to ensure that the wastewater treatment is carried out in accordance with the local and international standards of the Ministerial Decisions in this regard, particularly the MD No.: 145/93 issued by MECA setting the specifications of the treated effluent.

The laboratory collects samples from STPs on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and analyzes it to control quality of treated effluent in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs. The laboratory also collects samples from Kala in order to be analyzed on a monthly basis in accordance with international environmental specifications and standards that are applied in international fertilizer factories.

The international recognition of OWWSC Central Laboratory gained through obtaining the ISO Certificate (ISO:IEC-17025) is one of the most significant achievements that is added to the remarkable track record of the Company. Moreover, the Central Laboratory has been previously accredited with ISO 9001in Quality Management System , making it among few laboratories in the Sultanate to obtain this certificate. In addition, the central lap obtained a number of accreditation certificates including;  ISO 14001, and ISO 18001.

In early 2013, the laboratory began providing chemical and biological analysis services to the different companies and establishments operating in the Sultanate. This is considered a great addition to the plethora of products and services furnished by OW&WWC, with the aim of increasing the revenues of the Company to reduce the reliance on the government financial support.

The lab is well equipped with both chemical, biological, sampling and on-site analysis equipment needed for sampling and analysis of water and wastewater. The lab mainly supports the STP’s belong to OW&WWC, in addition of proving water analysis services for the public through our commercial team. On average, 900 samples are analyzed in the lab monthly; including OWWSC samples, treated water, drinking water, sludge and compost. Moreover, a highly qualified team is working in the lab to insure the best results for our samples. In addition to our services provided for the internal customers represented by operation & maintenance division, Asset management division, and environment section, central lab is servicing recently more than 190 external customers.