Green Tankers
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Green Tankers

Oman water & Wastewater Services Company provides treated wastewater service to everyone who is interested to buy. Specialized companies transfer the treated wastewater from OWWSC STPs and sell it to consumers according to their needs.

List of Recommended Treated Effluent Green Tankers


Green Tanker Registration Form

Sr. No. Customer Name Minimum Average Quantity
1 Al Julandani Golden Enterprises 20000 Gallon Per Day
2 Yahya Abdullah AlNahdi 20000 Gallon Per Day
3 Al Habsi Development Projects 4000 Gallon Per Day
4 Jonnou & Paraskevaides(O.M.A.N)LLC 4000 Gallon Per Day
5 Ashraq AlJavnin Trad Est 50000 Gallon Per Day
6 Galfar Engineering and Contracting 10000 Gallon Per Day
7 Oman United Engineering Services LLC 5000 Gallon Per Day
8 AlSaigh International 40000 Gallon Per Day
9 Mahfoodh Al Siyabi & Bro.Trd Asso 40000 Gallon Per Day
10 Ibn Abdullah Al Hasni Trad & Con LLC 5000 Gallon Per Day
11 Fayafi AL Kamil Trad & Cont 5000 Gallon Per Day
12 Almur Ali Saeed Al Najadi & Part 5000 Gallon Per Day
13 Al Muheet Parks Trd 5000 Gallon Per Day
14 Rashid Salem Al Hashmi Trd 5000 Gallon Per Day