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Water distribution network now open in some areas of Nakhl and Wadi Al Maawal

Diam announces that the implementation of the new water networks in Al-Sha'abiya and Al-Muhabil in the wilayat of Nakhl as well as Musallamat and Hubra areas in the wilayat of Wadi Al Ma'awal.

All the residents of the above mentioned areas should visit the Diam Barka Customer Service Hall to submit water service request from to benefit the network, with the following documents:

  • The water service delivery form approved by the municipality.
  • Copy of ID card.
  • Copy of ownership and Mulkiya.
  • Copy of electricity bill.

Note: that the water service will be stopped by free tankers as of 30/11/2019 for the beneficiary houses located in the geographical area of ​​the above mentioned areas.