OWWSC completed the improvement works in Al Dhakilyah and part of Al Batinah South in record time

Muscat -- Eng Abdullah bin Ahmed Al-Arafati, Senior Operations Manager at the Oman Water and Wastewater Services Company, said that the improvement works which took place yesterday (Monday, October 25th) in Al Dhakilyah Governorate and Wilayats of Nakhal and Wadi Al Mawail in Al Batinah South completed within 12 hours and the water back gradually. 
Al Arafati added: “The works included 19 sites in the two governorates and were completed within 12 hours. We are proud that the Company achieved the implementation in record time. Thanks to the top management and the team who worked during the implementation either in the sites or in the operations rooms. 
He added that water has already begun to be pumped into the two lines feeding Al Dakhiliyah and South Al Batinah, and that water will start arriving gradually to reinforce the water reservoirs in the two governorates.