42 pc of Bausher water project complete

More than 42 per cent of the first phase of Bausher potable water project has been completed, said the Public Authority for Electricity and Water (DIEM).
According to the authority, the first phase of the multi-million project for establishing advanced water distribution networks in the Bausher wilayat will be fully operational by the third quarter next year.
Being constructed at a cost of RO 10 million, the project includes a 104-km water network, besides the construction of a 2000 m3 ground reservoir in Hammam area and 1500 m3 upper reservoir at Falaj al Sham.
The first phase includes existing and planned residential areas. DIEM aims to provide drinking water to Bausher and the adjacent areas.
At a meeting with the media at the Wali office in Bausher, the PAEW officials said the project would cater to the expanding population in these areas.
The locations with rapid urbanisation such as south Al Khuwair, Al Ameen, south Azaiba, Industrial Area, Ghala, Bausher 3, Falaj Al Sham, Hammam, Al Awabi and the adjacent areas will benefit from this project, they said.
Bader bin Salem al Rabani, Project Manager, and Engineers Mohammed bin Hareb al Makhmeri, Sarah al Harasiyah, and Asiya al Busaidiyah, all project engineers, said the water would be transferred from the top tank of Bausher to the distribution networks in and around Al Ameen Mosque, Bausher 3, Ghala Industrial Area, south Azaiba and areas around the control centre SCADA of the PAEW.
In order to ensure smooth transfer of potable water to these areas, the pumping station will be expanded by adding a new pump and will be linked to the project control system and master control at SCADA, Bausher.