83 learn to operate water tanker filling system

The Public Authority for Electricity and Water concluded yesterday training of 83 employees of operation and maintenance from all over the Sultanate within its efforts to operate the smart system of filling water tankers that was launched last year. 

The training programme was started on February 21st for maintenance employees in Muscat and other governorates aiming at introducing them to the 946115new system and ways of overcoming technical issues like power cuts, operational delays, control board, system upgrade, refilling cards and installment.

The PAEW has distributed new smart cards to water tanker owners in order to control the process of pumping water from the filling station to the water tankers. Cards can be recharged at any PAEW customer service centres. The smart card is part of the continued development of the water networks, to reduce the water loss and to utilise the benefits of latest technology. Once the tanker’s owner inserts the smart card into the control devices, the relevant data, including the card number and balance, is displayed on the control device. After confirming the data, the tanker’s owner can start the process of filling by pressing a button.