Ceremonial session marks Diam joining WaterShare

DIAM chairman H.E. Mohammed Al Mahrouqi and KWR CEO Wim van Vierssen signed the agreement marking the entrance of DIAM to the Watershare platform. The ceremony took place as part of the visit of a high-level Oman delegation to the Netherlands.

H.E. Mohammed Al Mahrouqi stressed the importance of global cooperation in view of the many challenges DIAM is facing. Watershare gives DIAM access to worldwide knowledge and tools to assess the resilience of its water systems, and to develop and implement technologies and practices to maintain and improve water services under future conditions. In this way, Watershare dovetails perfectly with the capacity building programmes of DIAM. As an example, H.E. referred to a recently conducted project using Watershare tools to optimise network design methodologies.

Van Vierssen welcomed the membership of DIAM as an ambitious utility, which brings to Watershare new knowledge and practices as well as stress conditions for water systems typical for the Gulf region.

During the ceremony appointments were made to facilitate the involvement of DIAM staff in the activities of the Watershare platform.