Diam rolls out tender for underground reservoirs

The Pubic Authority for Water (Diam) has rolled out an international tender for the completion of elaborate consultancy studies for storage and retrieve of water from reservoirs that will be set at select locations designated in the first stage of the project.

The strategic project will optimize the storage and utilization of water produced at water desalination plants as well as contribute significantly to achieving water security targets specially at times of emergency. It is expected to provide viable low-cost solutions to meet increasing demand for potable water in the Sultanate.

The water will be stored in the period of low consumption to be used at times of high demand. The project is considered economically feasible since the water will be stored underground instead of building huge overhead reservoirs known for their high financial cost.

Last year, Diam completed the economic feasibility and technical study for the execution of a project for underground water reservoirs. The study designated 14 locations that were considered the most suitable for setting up the underground reservoirs including four locations in Al Khoudh, Adam, Al Sharqiyah sands, Wadi Abu Karba in Dhank. A tender was rolled out inviting specialized international bidders to contend for the project. The successful bidder will conduct elaborate studies in the four sites in addition to the digging of exploratory wells, conducting geological and hydrological analysis and executing demo projects in the designated sites.