Emergency committee of PAEW discusses first phase of installation of 1600mm transmission pipeline project

Emergency committee of PAEW recommends to stop the water service in the Governorate of Muscat during the period of 13-14 February 2015 to install the new transmission pipelines of diameter 1600mm.
PAEW Emergency committee meeting was held at the SCADA building, chaired by HE Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Mahrouqi, chairman of the Authority, to discuss the first phase of installation of new water transmission lines extending from Ghubra desalination plant to Qurum water reservoir in the wilayat of Bousher. The project is in line with the strategic plan of the Authority to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the water distribution network. A new pipeline of diameter 1600mm will replace the existing pipeline of diameter 600mm, which has reported various cracks and leakages in the recent past. During the period of implementation, water supply will be stopped in the areas covered. The second phase of the project will extend the pipeline to the wilayat of Muscat.

The project will improve the efficiency and sustainability of the water distribution network in the Governorate of Muscat. During the period of implementation pipelines will be laid to Qurum reservoir and the under construction Qurum emergency reservoir - which is expected to be completed by May 2015. It will also be linked to reservoirs at the new Ghubra pumping station, in order to avoid further stoppages in the future. The new pumping station project is expected to be completed by August 2015.
It was the Emergency committee of the Authority, who recommended that the implementation be conducted during winter season in February 2015, due to lower consumption of water and to work continuously without disruption. PAEW will utilize this period to conduct various other improvements, such as repairing leaks in several locations in the existing water distribution line and replacing some of the separation valves in addition to installing a number of reservoir flow metering devices. Areas affected by this installation will be all areas of Al Khuwair (except Al Khuwair 25), Madinat al Sultan Qaboos, Sarooj area, Madinat al Ilam, Ministries and Embassies area, Watiyah, wilayat of Muscat, wilayat of Mutrah and wilayat of Amerat.

The committee discussed most important preparations to be taken to meet the expected shortage of water during (13-14 February 2015, Weekends) the period of improvement works, to reduce the number of residents affected.  The Authority will start the work by evening of Thursday 12th February 2015, in order to empty the water distribution lines and resume water service by the beginning of next week. One of the most important preparation suggested by the committee is to provide various Emergency distribution Points with mobile water tankers and communicating the expected shortage in advance to all the concerned communities.