Notification 2: Sohar Desalination Plant Maintenance

Maintenance teams of Sohar Power Company and Oman Power and Water Procurement Company have yesterday managed to run 2 units in Sohar Desalination Plant, with an estimated production capacity of 3,000 cubic meters of water.

After making sure of the quality of water, the first unit started pumping to the main station. Efforts are on to gradually make other units operational as per the station’s operation manual.

PAEW continued its stability of the water levels in the holding tanks in all wilayats of North Batinah and Al Buraimi to provide water from some of the main reservoirs that are fed from Barka plant by reverse pumping in addition to use of the alternative sources of water in each governorate.

As a result of precautionary measures taken by the public Authority for Electricity and water, by dealing with the emergency response system, there is no interruption of water in affected governorates & there is no complaints to the call center of PAEW until the issuance of this statement about water outages in the affected pleases.

PAEW calls on all citizens and residents to take necessary precautions and continue to rationalize the use of water consumption.