PAEW announces disruption of water supply in several parts of Muscat

Water supply will be disconnected in several parts of Muscat governorates on Thursday, Friday, it has been announced.
In a statement Public Authority for Electricity and Water announced that since it is about to transfer pipes affected by the projects of Muscat International Airport's flyovers water supply will be disconnected in some areas in Muscat beginning from 7pm on Thursday May 28 till 7 pm on Friday May 29.

"Accordingly Water supply will be disconnected from the areas of North Al Ghubra, South Al Ghubra, Al Azaiba, the Airport, Industrial Ghala, Ghala Al Bilad, Al Ansab, Sanab, Lejfar, Al Muna, Bousher 35, Bousher 36, Social Houses, Al Fatah, Saad, Bousher Al Balad, Bousher Heights, the Air Force Base in Al Ansab and Muaskar Al Murtafa'a," PAEW said in an announcement.

"The authority would like to apologize for any shortage in water supply that might possibly take place, and requests all subscribers to take every necessary precaution and continue rationalising consumption," PAEW said in its statement.

Customer can communicate with the PAEW Call Center at 1442 for any assistance.