PAEW concludes workshop “Water and Electricity - towards a sustainable empowerment”

PAEW concluded the workshop conducted during 5-6 January 2015, under the slogan “Water and Electricity - towards a sustainable empowerment” at Bustan Palace Hotel, Muscat. 
The workshop was held in the presence of HE Mohammed Al Mahrouqi, Chairman of PAEW, departmental GMs, senior managers, managers and staff of the Authority. The workshop reviewed the important developments associated with the co-management contract, aiming to develop and raise the efficiency of different aspects of work at the Authority, thus enabling to supply uninterrupted drinking water to various regions of the Sultanate.

In his inaugural speech, HE the chairman welcomed all the participants and commended the efforts by all directorates of the Authority in implementing various water projects in accordance with the overall water strategy. HE the chairman expressed his satisfaction for the achievement of goals set for 2014, and called all the employees to continue the efforts to achieve the strategic objectives of the Authority. His Excellency also stressed on the importance of knowledge sharing and cooperation among the employees to achieve further heights with the Authority.

Engr. Abdul Aziz Al Shaidani, Senior manager, Privatization and restructuring gave a presentation on the status of adoption of strategies, and projects that are in various phases of implementation pertaining to these strategies. The presentation showed the extent of the progress made ​​in achieving all the strategies in all the regions. He also pointed out the important challenges in the implementation of these projects.
It was followed by a presentation by Maryam Al Hashmiyah, National Energy Expert on National Energy Strategy. In the presentation, she explained the national energy strategy, in which a comprehensive study on the most appropriate energy alternatives for the production of electricity in the Sultanate were considered. Long and medium term orientations necessary to secure the energy needs of the Sultanate, as well as project management of the national strategy for energy and promote the use of renewable energy resources were also discussed.
Engr. Qasim Al Jabri, Senior Manager, Technical Support under the directorate general of projects, then reviewed the completed projects and the status of various projects being implemented in different regions of the Sultanate. He also explained various projects under design, expansions and challenges faced in the implementation of projects that hinder the speed of implementing. He called for better coordination and cooperation between various service providers.

Nawaf Al Yarubi, Head Section of Marketing and Communication under the Directorate General of Customer Services presented a working paper dealing with the implementation of eServices in the portal. The implementation of ePortal will enhance the user experience with various transactional services, thus easing the processes for services provided to customers. She also presented the new designs for Customer Service halls, and the implementation timeline for various regions.

Mutasim Al Mahrouqi from the department of occupational health & safety presented a working paper on principles the Authority is implementing in its commitment to protect the environment. He also explained various criteria and procedures practiced by the authority to minimize the loss of time due to injuries, and how to ensure that the approved contractors are abiding by the system in place. Subsequently, architect Suleiman Al Shukaili from water quality department made a presentation on water quality, in which he addressed the monitoring of water quality through the collection and examination of samples on a daily basis and indicators of water quality as well as water quality data and the results of system efficiency with quality management service. Audience were excited to hear Talal Al Rawahi explain the goals and responsibilities held by individual employees in order to achieve the strategic objectives of the Authority.

Second day of the workshop included paper on career planning by Saleema Albrashdiyah, director of career planning. She discussed about the number of employees recruited in various directorateds during the previous year. Zuhair Al Salmi presented a paper on achievements of training department. Khaleel Al Zaidi, Senior Engineer, Renewable Energy from Directorate General of Policy & Strategy presented a paper on draft study of renewable energy resources in the Sultanate, and how to utilize them in the electricity sector as an alternative to traditional resources. Study also recommended the implementation of pilot projects for renewable energy in some rural areas to check the performance and effectiveness of them.

The workshop concluded with a panel discussion in which the participants were distributed to groups and discuss twelve ongoing strategies and review of the challenges facing the results were achieved during which it was made.