PAEW implements number of projects in South Batinah

Public Authority for Electricity and Water strives to provide its services to subscribers in South Batinah province through the Customer Service halls located in the wilayat of Rustaq, Musanna and Barka.
Public Authority for Electricity and Water focusses on its efforts to achieve the vision of the government in the implementation of infrastructure projects in the Sultanate to improve the quality of services provided to citizens, by reaching them wherever they are. The Public Authority for Electricity and Water implemented a number of projects at a cost of more than 24 million rials, namely:
Wilayat of Al-Rustaq:
PAEW implemented the water supply network project in Rustaq for a cost of more than 9 million Omani Rials. The project included, construction of water network in the Rustaq area spanning a total of more than 273km, covering 53 villages in the area. The project also included the establishment of water transport networks, water distribution and the construction of collection and distributional tanks in addition to strengthening the pumping stations. The project is in its first phase of implementation, where the percentage of completion of the project is 80%.
Wilayat of Barka:
to creating a pumping Alsomhan tank location station and contains a number of pumps and Mlhakathma and tank top 1300 cubic meters capacity area Rumais station to fill tankers the project completion rate of about 87%. As has been the recent commencement of the implementation phase the second of this project and the cost of more than 9 million RO.
PAEW implemented the water supply network expansion project in the wilayat of Barka for a cost of more than 5 million Omani Rials. The project included, expansion of water network in the Barka area spanning a total of more than 38,254m, covering areas of Rumais South, Southern Villages, Abu Nakheel South, Muaskar Al Samoodh. The project also included the construction of filling station at Al Soumhan and a water tank of capacity 1300 cubic meter at Rumais filling station. The second phase of this project will cost more than 9 million Omani Rials.
Wilayat of Musannah:
Public Authority for Electricity and water implemented water meter replacement project for customers
Who were transferred to the new water network with a cost of more than 600 thousand Omani Rials.
The authority is also linking its wells to the main reservoirs in the wilayat to be ready for action during emergencies.
“Saqiah” program launched:
PAEW has recently launched a program to regulate the price of water tanker under the "Saqiah program”, where the subscriber shall contribute only a fixed value of OMR 3/- towards transportation of water tanker with capacity of 650 gallons, in new residential areas that are not connected to a water network. Water to these areas, will be served with water tankers until the establishment of the water networks.
By the establishment of this program, PAEW aims to ease the financial burden on the consumer regarding the provision of water to homes in new housing schemes, which are not connected to the water network.
Through “Saqiah” program PAEW is trying to find alternative plans to deliver water at nominal affordable prices. PAEW shall bear the difference between the real price of the tanker supply and the price set by "Saqiah" program (3 riyals) through coordination between PAEW and Al-Rafd Fund, which provides an opportunity for citizens to start in special projects to provide water to consumers by utilizing the terms of the program.
The mechanism of Saqiah program starts with floating a tender by PAEW to provide the water supply service to targeted area through water tankers. The estimated cost in the tender is calculated based on the required number of trips a water tanker has to make a day in a six-day working week from Saturday to Thursday.  Then the total cost per month is calculated based on the price per trip multiplied by the number trips expected during the month. After the successful bidder is selected, a distribution statement is provided to the supplier with the number of trips that should be provided to the subscriber on a monthly basis.
The subscriber of “Saqiah” program is entitled to determine the number of trips the water tanker should make in a week, provided it does not exceed three. Program applications must be submitted by filling out a service-receiving form enclosed with the ID card and an electricity bill receipt at the PAEW customer service hall in his housing area, and signing a service-terms contract between the contractor and the subscriber where the required water quantities regularly provided to the subscriber will be mentioned.
The PAEW customer service hall provides information about the subscriber’s role of getting supplied with water and the ways to submit any complaint at the subscribers services branches or the communication center in case the contractor has not been committed to the water distribution schedule or regarding any other violations.
The water-supplier contractor shall issue the invoice and collect the service fees (OR 3/-) from the subscribers on a daily or monthly basis depending on the mutual agreement. The subscriber shall have the right to terminate the contract when he wishes by submitting a written application. In case the subscriber is default on payment for more than (6 days), effective from the date of receiving the invoice PAEW shall stop water provision pending the fulfillment of the amount.