PAEW launches new electronic system in Muscat Region

Public Authority for Electricity and Water launched the first phase of electronic system for controlling the process of pumping water from the filling station to the water tankers at the Al Ghubrah water tanker filling station.

This launch is part of the continued developments of the water networks, to reduce the water loss and to utilize the benefits of latest technology available from around the world.

PAEW started distributing the new smart cards to water tanker owners yesterday. They have to produce motor vehicle license, identity card and health certificate of the tanker to the customer service centers. After recording all the relevant data, PAEW issues the smart card with the amount requested by the tanker owner loaded in it. The smart card can be recharged at any PAEW customer service centers.

Engineer Zahran Al Rashdi

Engineer Zahran Al Rashdi

Engineer Zahran Al Rashdi, general manager of customer service directorate at PAEW said “after the inauguration of the system in Al Ghubrah water tanker filling station, it will be launched in rest of the tanker filling stations in Muscat by end of February. Namely, Al Khuwair on 8th February, Bausher on 15th February, Ghala Industrial Area on 22nd February and Falaj Al Sham on 29th February.

About the working of the new system, he said: By inserting the smart card in the control devices the amount of water required by the tanker are automatically controlled. The relevant data regarding the smart card including the card number and the balance in the card are displayed in the control devices. After confirming the data, the tanker owners can start the process of filling by the press of a button.