Public Authority for Electricity and Water celebrates World Water Day

Sultanate of Oman represented by Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW) celebrated World Water Day, which falls on 22nd March every year.
This year the slogan for celebrations was "Water and Sustainable Development". The importance of this slogan is that the water is the heart of any sustainable development, and enhance water resources and related services to reduce poverty, economic growth and environmental sustainability issues.
Water contribute to the overall growth of the billions of people through the provision of food security and energy, as well as human health and the environment. The United Nations General Assembly has paid extensive attention to water and maintain them in the 1992 United Nations General Assembly approved on March 22 of each year as World Water Day and International Cooperation in the field of water resources in order to invite everyone to rationalize and not wasteful and maintained.
 To meet the requirements of sustainable development of the nation, PAEW is working to create desalination plants to convert seawater to drinking water. These desalinated water are then connected to the water network to cover the cities and communities in various provinces after making sure of the quality and safety.