Strategic reinforcements on the main water transmission line in Dakhiliyah Governorate

Diam is taking actions to minimize the effects of water shortages during the 48-hour improvement period.

Diam begins the work of linking a number of new water projects in Muscat and Dakhliyah governorates with the main water transport system during the period of 2-3 December 2019, which will last for 48 hours.

Eng. Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Director General of Operations, said that the process of linking the new pumps to the main line improvement project in Al Dakhliyah governorate with the main pumping station in Barka comes to complete the enhancement of the water network system in the province in addition to raising the efficiency of water pumping stations in the wilayat of Seeb and enhancing the interconnection between desalination plants.

Eng. Abdullah Al Nuaimi added that measures have been taken to reduce the effects of water shortage on Al-Dakhliyah governorate. He also confirmed that Diam has activated the work of the main emergency committee and emergency committees in the states by raising water levels in all the main collection tanks in addition to activating the fields of wells belonging to Diam in the provinces which are used in emergencies.

Al-Nuaimi also explained that Diam has reached out to a number of government and private entities who benefit from government water in development projects to urge them to rationalize the use during this period, which contributes to the provision of quantities of water in addition to direct communication with the governors and walis, and members of the Shura Council & municipal councils in all states.

The Director General of Operations said that Diam invites all beneficiaries of the water supply service in the areas to rationalize water consumption during the period mentioned. Al-Nuaimi added that, in case of any queries or observations all citizens and residents can communicate with the Diam call center (1442), which operates 24 hours a day all week.