Trial run begins at new Ghubrah desalination plant

New Ghubrah desalination plant started trial run by transferring 2 million gallons of water to the main water network.
By the time of reaching the commercial operation, an estimated 42 million gallons can be produced per day.

HE Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Mahrouqi, Chairman of the Public Authority for Electricity and Water on Thursday made a visit to the new Ghubrah desalination plant in order to officially start the trial run of the plant stage and estimated production capacity of the plant in its pilot phase production of the equivalent of 12 million gallons per day, and will increase production of water gradually to reach full production, estimated at 42 million gallons per day. He was pleased that the Ghubrah desalination plant will contribute to the rising water demand in the main distribution areas and thus improve water pressure and availability dramatically in the governorate of Muscat.

His Excellency added that the startup of the new desalination plant Ghubrah will gradually reduce the current shortage of water, which is witnessed in some of the wilayats of the province as a result of delays in the completion of commissioning of the plant. His Excellency noted that desalination plant will be using reverse osmosis technique thus resulting in several benefits, including reducing energy consumption and not vulnerable to rising sea temperature in addition to the lack of environmental vulnerability of hot water returned to the sea as well as the use of modern techniques to deal with the phenomenon of red tide through which continuity of production can be ensured during the occurrence of this phenomenon.

His Excellency stressed that the commercial operation of the new plant in Ghubrah and the expansion of new Barka plant will be operational in the beginning of next year, estimated at about (12.5) million gallons per day. These new additions will contribute to raise in amount of produced water to the governorates of Muscat, South Batinah and Dakhliya regions.