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Al Ansab Wetland

Al Ansab Wetland is a natural wonderland in the heart of Muscat​​​. It provides a showcase for Oman’s impressive nature with its abundance of birds life. ​
The Wetland is home to an amazing 304​ species of birds that may be present at different times throughout the year Visitors can see wadin​g birds such as the Black-Winged Stilt that are resident at the Wetland all year. Magnificent Eagles arrive in November and may spend the winter in Muscat. Al Ansab Wetland is not just a special place for birds,​ it is also a safe haven for Oman’s plants, butterflies and other life species.

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Opening: Sun-Thu, 6:30am - 02:00pm

Best Time to Visit is Early Morning 06:30am - 09:00​a​m​



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Al Ansab Wetland is closed till further notice​​​

Contact Number: 1442

Safety Preparing (Wearing Comfortable shoes, bring water)​​

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